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Online search is an online site for products and services. In our database you can find most companies, institutions, associations and foundations of Szeklerland, Romania.  You will find information about these due to  the keywords assigned to them. We refresh our database continuously.
On the web interface users can reach the contact details of the companies, institutions, associations and foundations, and also their coordinates on map, their product review, ads about promotions, ads with images, presentation videos.  You can get very easy in contact by sending an e-mail immediately.

For an easier search, click on the Hungarian, Romanian and English list of keywords.

Hints for using :

How to search on

On the site we can find up-to-date information about companies, institutions, associations registered in Szeklerland. We recommend to start every search by clicking on the logo of the site, this way any result of previous searches will be deleted.

By entering your text in the field Search for  – for example keyword to the activity of the company, name, phone number or else – the system will generate a list, that you can filter by choosing a place and a street. If you enter the name of one of the seats in Szeklerland, you can filter the results by regions. When entering your text in the field Search for, you shall pay attention to the recommended results.
For a quick search, regardless of the area, we can use the search window in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to rate the activity of the companies/institutions/etc. on the website

Every visitor of the website has to possibility to rate the activity of those present here. In the upper row of the ratings marked with stars there are the semi-annual, autumn-winter and spring-summer ratings, while in the other row there is the all in one rating. In the brackets is the total number of ratings, while in front of that the value, that shows the average rating out of the maximum 5 points.
We set back the semi-annual ratings at every equinox, namely on every 20th of march and 23rd of September.  By comparing the semi-annual and the all in one rating, we can deduce where the current appreciation has shifted compared to past period’s average.
In a semester you are allowed to give only one rating from one IP address.
The bigger a semi-annual rating is, the entry will get more forward in one of the rating lists.

How to write and share our opinion about the companies/institutions/etc. on

Anyone can write a comment about any activity or entry on the site. The comment will be sent in very case to the interested party. If the commenter checks his comment to be public, then after a prior moderation, the comment will appear under the entry.

The comments sent from either the Hungarian, Romanian or English pages will be seen by every user.

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